The fundamental starting point of my work is a personal obsession to collect various elements. I collect among other mineral things, stamps, antiques, for 20 years. The production in general is related to the Cabinets of Curiosities, old ancestors of the museums.


In the broad sense, my work establishes paradoxical relationships through the contradictory encounter of content, representation systems, disciplines, assemblies, etc. The production appears as a constellation of dissimilar pieces. I am interested in observing and representing nature. I use all kinds of techniques and materials but I have a predilection for polyester resin and drawing. I consider representation as a way of knowing the world and how things work.


I am part of Expedición a group of artists, researchers and scientific illustrators that produces putting in relation the disciplines art and natural sciences, our project is located in the Center of Production and Research in Arts of the National University of Córdoba.


Currently I intend to leave space for the lateral productions (elements that appear outside of my central production). I intend to concentrate on writing, thinking of the text as a work or as part of the works.